Scalextric Sport Digital Console

Some Useful Links

There are quite a few 'after market' improvements, and sources of information and help, that enhance the slot racing experience. I have listed a few of my favourites below.

SlotForum is without doubt the most useful resource for any slot car enthusiast. This group of people provided much of the inspiration, and many of the ideas, behind SSDC. They are certainly the best source of help and advice you could hope to find.
Riko's own website where you can buy cables (the same ones as advertised on this site) and the modified Pit-Pro system, which provides pitlane sensing and race lights compatible with SSDC.
If you want your track to look like the real thing, then these are the folk to call. I paticularly like the tyre barriers and fencing systems they have.
Awesome wireless controllers and track sensors (Locator Pro) which are compatible with SSDC.
It doesn't matter how you source your bottle of Inox MX3. Just do it! And by the way, it lasts forever, so you don't need a lot. I have one of the 125ml pump spray bottles which has lasted about 5 years already. Just spray a little onto a paper towel and wipe the track rails. Alternatively (or as well) put a little on the car's braids for even better contact.
The author of the InCar-Pro chip firmware. This firmware for the car's digital chip really takes it up a notch, providing variable braking and switchable lights, and is compatible with SSDC v5 with the C7042 powerbase (using the latest firmware). You will need to have some good soldering skills though as the chips are small, unless you can persuade someone else to do it for you.